Zuchu Risks Ksh. 26M Fine Over Copyrigh Claims

Tanzanian Bongo star Zuhura Othman alias Zuchu is risking giving out over 26M kenyan shillings over copyright violation.

Gospel singer Enock Jonas has reported to Tanzanian authorities that the ‘sukari’ hit-maker has sampled his song. The Wema Wa Mungu/Zunguka singer has alleged that Zuchu has picked some phrases like zunguka from his song to her new hit ‘kwi kwi

The singer has now demanded that Zuchu pay her 500M Tanzanian Shillings in compensation for the damages caused.

In his response, WCB label manager Babu Tale has maintained that the copyright allegations against Zuchu are not true.

According to him, the word Zunguka is free for anyone to use and does not belong to anyone.He has however said that if the music copy right finds WCB guilty, then Zuchu will pay the fine.

‘Zunguka’ is a word common to everyone. It does not belong to Jonas. If the music copyright say it was sampled, then Zuchu will pay the fine,” he said.

Enock Jonas has claimed that his fan have declined following the copyright infringement. According to him, his fans think that he has sold his gospel song to secular artists.

My fans are breaking CDs containing my songs. They think that I have sold out my song to secular artists,” Jonas said.

Tanzanian copyright authority have now asked the two to settle the matter outside the court before 7 days or otherwise go to court.

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