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Mutai Mtandao Biography : Names, Age,Education and Family


Mutai Mtandao is undoubtedly one of the most influential teachers’ blogger in Kenya. The journalistic teacher has managed to sell his name in many staff-rooms.

One thing that has amused teachers over years is Mutai’s ability to fetch accurate information and serve teachers. He majorly concentrates in in teacher-related updates.

Mutai has specifically mastered the art of informing the teachers immediately their salaries are credited to the backs, they activity that has earned him the title ‘white smoke detector’. One thing that has remained a mystery is Mutai’s ability to inform with the precision of a professional journalist. Unknown to many, Mutai has never stepped in a journalism class.

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Here is Mutai Mtandao Biography

Mutai Mtandao Real names

Mutai mtandao real name is Geoffrey Mutai.


Mutai was born in Kericho County on 31 st December, 1983.


Mutai Mtandao joined Mt.Kenya University where he pursued Bachelor of Education (special needs)


Mutai married in 2014. The two have been blessed with two kids, a boy and a girl.


Mutai Mtandao is currently working as a teacher under TSC


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