Lucky to have you — Waruguru pens a beautiful message to DJ Fatxo

Kenyan Award-winning Mugithi Singer Dj Fatxo’s girlfriend Gathoni Waruguru has shared a beautiful love message. Her message comes amidst probe on the singer over the mysterious death of upcoming interior designer Jeff Mwathi.

Jeff Mwathi died at DJ Fatxo redwood apartment by allegedly jumping from the 12th floor through the window. According to the reports however, the window frames were too small for an adult to get through. The Mugithi singer was named the person of interest of what appeared to be a well planned murder.

Since the matter came up, the DJ has gone under; held no shows and posted nothing on his social media handles.

Even amidst controversies and ostensible silence, the Singer’s lover Gathoni Waruguru has come out to publicly declare her love for him. In a short message she published on social media, Waruguru said she was lucky to have the DJ.

Ever since DJ Fatxo entered my life, I’ve been flying on Cloud 9 and I have not come down yet. I don’t know what I did to be so lucky to have you in my life,” she penned on her Insta story and later deleted.

The DJ has been at the centre of the storm ever since the Mwathi died.

DJ Fatxo pleads innocence

While a section of Kenyans has linked her to his death, the DJ has maintained his innocence and said he is waiting for investigators to unravel the truth.

We all want to know the truth of what happened and we believe that justice will prevail,” he said in an interview with local media.

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Mwathi’s body was exhumed on Friday, March 31, for a fresh postmortem to be conducted.

According to the autopsy report, Mwathi died due to severe head and limb injuries.

The pathologist indicated that it will however take longer to know whether he was sexually molested or not.

Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Oduor established that he had severe head injuries.

He also had fractures on the upper and lower limbs as well as on his neck.

We have taken more samples to carry out a toxicology test and also to establish if he was sexually molested before he met his death,” said Oduor.

He added it will take at least three months.

l have established that he had severe head injuries that almost raptured the skull,” said the pathologist.

He added they can’t determine what specifically caused the death for now

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