Male Student of Sneaks With Condoms Into Girlfriend’s School Donning The School Uniform

Well crafted mission by a male student of Gatugi Day secondary school to have steamy session with his girlfriend in the neighboring secondary school was thwarted after students screamed for help.

The 18-year old boy jumped into the school compound donning the school uniform. In a well calculated move, the boy got into school compound at 10 pm when the female students were retreating to dormitories after the evening prep.

His plan got ruined after he asked one of the female students where his girlfriend was. The student took notice of the broken deep voice and she immediately broke into wild screams.

Her call for help was jerked by cacophony of screams from other students.

She immediately started screaming, prompting a cacophony of screams from the other girls as they fled to different directions in bewilderment, almost causing a stampede,” read the DCI’s statement.

The school watchman responded with the swiftness of an army. On his arrival he encountered a young man who had pulled the skirt above his knees speeding out of the school.

The watchman managed to successfully pounce on him before he could jump out of the school.

The was reportedly in possession of condoms, a mobile phone and a lighter.

His chest was also stuffed with clothes to give it a fake impression of a female breasts.

In his defense, the boy has maintained that he was invited by his girlfriend into the school.

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