Principal Sacked For Hosting Sick Girl At His House

Former Principal of Kanga Onditi Mixed Secondary school In Migori County is counting losses after his ‘act of mercy’ turned tragic. The school head has lost his after an attempt to help a sick school girl.

Mr. Onyango who began the teaching profession in 1990 was a year to his retirement when misfortune befell him.

It all started in January of 2019 when the school’s boarding master and a senior teacher approached the school Principal-Mr Onyango with a sick girl.

The girl was reportedly sick and had spend the whole day in the dormitory.

According to judgement served to the head, Mr Onyango had earlier revealed that the school did not have any dispensary. He therefore sent the school watchman to buy the girl some painkillers. Mr.Onyango on learning that the girl had not eaten the whole day, he further instructed his nephew, whom they were living together, to give the girl some food.

The head say he was not feeling well on that day, so he retired to bed immediately after issuing the instructions.


Teacher Service Commission Maintained that after thorough investigations, they found out that the girl spent considerable amount time in Mr.Onyango’s house. The commission said that the student spent over two hours.

The girl is reportedly cooked for herself. She then took some food to the dormitory. It is after probing by fellow students that she revealed the source of food.

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The teacher’s dismisal from the service is anchored on TSC Code of Conduct and Ethics for Teachers that was gazetted as subsidiary legislation in 2015. The code of conduct prohibits teachers from sending learners to their residence for whatever reason.

In his argument, Mr. Onyango said the judgement was too harsh. He has maintained that he did not have any ill-motive but was just doing anything he could to help the sick girl.

The court has however responded that the reasons for Mr.Onyango’s dismissal from service is is not carnal knowledge. According to the judge, being the school Principal, Mr. Onyango should have led by example in complying with Employer’s code of conduct.

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