Jalang’o speaks on declining to help Brian Chira despite his cry

Lan’ata Constituency member of parliament Phelix Odiwour popularly known as Jalang’o has broken silence over the death of Tiktoker Brian Chira.

Jalang’o was responding to questions during electrifying RahaFest concert on Saturday 30th. During the event, Plug Tv, a local digital media probed the lawmaker on his opinion about Chira’s cry for help over various struggles he was going through.

In his response, Jalang’o said;

It pains me that after his (Chira) death, I saw a video akisema kuwa Jalango I need your help. I need you to help me. Niliona baada ya kifo chake, ndio watu wengine wali tag mimi. How I wish I saw it earlier.”

Jalang’o went on to say, “I would have held a conversation with him to know what he wanted.It pains me so much that niliona hiyo video baadaye sana.”

The politician gave his last respect to the late Tiktoker..

May God rest his soul in eternal Peace,” Jalang’o condoled as he asked creatives to ensure their legacy remain embroidered in the hearts of Kenyans even after their death.

Leo wewe ni msanii wa juu, kesho wewe ni mtu mwingine.”

Concerning claims that Tiktokers misbehaved during Brian Chira’s burial Jalang’o said,

Ujana Moshi. Na inapita sana. Let accept they are youthsm. You can’t shut Tiktokers nowadays.”

He heaped praises on TikTok community for coming out in large numbers to contribute towards the burial of Brian Chira.

There are burials of prominent Kenyans where people are struggling to raise even 1 million shillings. Surprisingly , Tiktokers were able to raise 8 million shillings. It is not a community you can overlook,” he said.

He further said,” If you have not learnt anything from Chira’s death then you are not a good student. Many people will love you when you are gone, when you are in desert crying out for water few will quench your thirst. But when you are dead, they will bring ocean.”

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