Carrol Sonnie Explains Why She Had To Take Romantic Photos With Mulamwah

Seems that Mulamwah and Carrol Sonnie are never going to stop treating Kenyans to drama but Kenyans are too tired to keep up with the confusion.

Some have gone to the extend of unfollowing the two on social media because of their clout chasing which has involved use of their innocent daughter, Keilah, who will be turning 7 months old this month.

On Tuesday, Mulamwah shared a video clip and photos of a photoshoot they had had with Sonnie while setting the record straight about him denying to be Keilah’s father.

“Keilah is not my kid, Keilah is our kid,” the comedian captioned the video adding that, “Mama na baba K, anything for you sweetie, @Keilah Oyando.”

Some of their fans concluded that the two were back together after a series of fights and exposes on social media but they both denied that.

“True, we ain’t dating. We aren’t back together as lovers or partners. It is all for K. Just that, don’t get it wrong,” Mulamwah said on his Insta stories.

On the other hand Sonnie claimed that Mulamwah had gatecrashed her photoshoot and she had no choice but to just take photos with him.

“Let me set the record straight, yesterday I was having a photoshoot with Kapedo, few minutes into the shoot Mulamwah showed up, I wasn’t aware he was coming and he was not invited. I asked him what he was doing and he said that he is there to apologize, I insisted that he should do that online but he said he wanted to talk first,” Sonnie told her fans.

She further said that she did not want any embarrassments so she decided to listen to him and take photos and videos with him.

“To avoid embarrassment and unnecessary altercation, I listened to him, took a few photos/videos. Nothing has been solved between me and Mulamwah. My irreducible minimum still stands 1. apologize to you daughter, 2. apologize to my family, 3. apologize to fans for misleading and for once speak the truth. Once again nothing has been sorted between me and Mulamwah. Let him man up and take full responsibility,” Sonnie said.

She also shared a screenshot of a message she had sent Mulamwah asking him to apologize publicly and stop implying that they were in good terms yet they were not.

“As for me I am done with you and if you want KK in your life you know what to do,” part of her message read.

Below are reactions from some of their followers.

“You were avoid being Embarrassed, and he already embarrassed you country wide!Nkt!!!! #Cloutchasing,” Betty Nthembwa said.

“Aiii but dear, why would you take pics with him aki๐Ÿ˜ข? Even holding hands? Honestly you should have stood your ground and asked him to excuse your business. Coz this brings a lot of of confusion,” read another comment on Snnie’s post.

“Bro this clout thing sucks,” another Instagram user said.

“This is nonsense now,” Kahai said.

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