“DMs of most pretty girls are dry,” Lady begs Kenyan men to shoot shots

What comes in your mind when a beautiful girl? So many men longing to quench their thirst from her honeypot, right?

Well, a beautiful Kenyan Lady has elicited mixed reactions on social media after she boldly advised men to shoot their shots at beautiful gel. In a video that has gone viral, the beautiful lady advised men not to fear approaching pretty gels.

Hi men..nataka niwaibie Siri leo. Na msiseme hamkuambiwa. If you see a pretty girl….please DM that girl. Please please shoot your shot.

According to the ‘boychild Messiah’, unlike the thinking of many men, the DMs of most pretty girls are dry, thirsty and long to be quenched by shots by the unsuspecting men.

“I am telling you and I am not kidding you. Most pretty girls their DMs are dry. Why…because most men think, si ana DM-iwa na….hakuna. Hakuna watu kwa DM..Please shoot your shot.

A good section of Kenyan men however appeared to disagree with the lady’s advise. According to some, the DMs of beautiful gels are naturally full and most cases, they do not respond to message.

“She iying, no gal’s dm is dry.An average gal has about 1000 unopened dm textsPretty or not.”

“It is not about firing your shot, it’s all about money and looks. If you have one of those, you have an advantage”

“Utashinda hapo hey hey hey kama burning spear. Na autapata jibu”

“Uongo hii ni uongo 🤣🤣🤣”

“Nimetext Hi mara thate fae Sasa acha nitume ingine ya mwisho”

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