“I know who killed Jeff Mwathi,” Kenyan Prophetess Agnes Kanyi Reveals, Ask to meet Dj Fatxo

Kenyan self-proclaimed prophetess Agnes Kanyi Waithira has left Kenyans in shock after revealing that he can unravel the mystery behind the mysterious death of upcoming interior designer Jeff Mwathi.

Through a video that has gone viral, Agnes revealed that she knows who killed Jeff Mwathi. She further said that she is willing to go to the police and explain everything.

Hi guys, I know who killed Jeff, I know what happened, I know everything, I have something to explain to the police.” She said.

The prophetess who claims to be guided by the holy spirit further revealed that she visited Jeff Mwathi’s family. She claimed that she went to his grave where she communicated with his spirit and was told everything.

I was at their home, I met his shosh. I know everything, I even visited his grave and communicated with his spirit and told me everything,” she added.

The prophetess has now requested to meet all those linked to the death of the upcoming designer, including Dj Fatxo. She however said that her life is in danger but noted that she is not scared.

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Jeff Mwathi’s Death

Jeff Mwathi his alleged to have succumbed to injuries after falling from the 10th floor of Redwood apartment, where Kenyan Mugithi singer DJ Fatxo resided.

According to a statement recorded at Kasarani Police Station, Jeff commited suicide by jumping through a window.

According to reports, DJ Fatxo had earlier on invited Geoffrey Mwathi to work on the interior decor of his shop. Mwathi meet the singer and discussed the specifics of the job. After the meeting the two headed to various night clubs with the last one being Quivers Lounge.

According to CCTV footage, DJ Fatxo and Mwathi arrived at redwood apartment in company of three Ladies. Few minutes later, the singer left with the Ladies leaving Jeff with with two men.The two men were seen surveying the ground floor. Moments later, the body came flying and hit the ground face down.

Click here to watch the video.

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