“Help My Daughter When I’m Gone,” Sick Danny Miles Begs Safaricom

A Kenyan man identified as Danny Miles ( Real names Maurice Ochieng) has left Kenyans in tears after narrating his situation.

Danny Miles shared an emotional message to Safaricom. In his message, Danny revealed that he has Soft Tissue Sacorma, an ailment that is eating him away day by day.

Helloo Safaricom,Iam Maurice ochieng known as Danny Miles.Iam from muhoroni town.In march last year i was diagnosed with cancer,soft tissue sarcoma.Its eating me up for sure.Day by day iam feeling.” Danny Wrote.

Danny Miles Last Wish

Danny further revealed that he has been saving money with intention of treating his young family. He however says, his sickness that saw one of his hand get chopped robbed him every coin je had saved.

I had been saving so that i take my small family to a vacation but i have been drained i cant.Iam living with the help of friends.My young Doughter Britney Dova isstill young she has not started shool yet i was planning but iam sorry i have failed as a dad.Had my left arm chopped off but still the cancer metastased.” Continues Danny.

Danny has pleaded with the giant Telecommunication company to help his daughter once he is gone.

I am appealing to you just help my daughter once iam gone because i can feel it.” Danny added.

Light at the end of Tunnel

While reacting to his cry of help, a number of kenyans have promised to help.

Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu has promised to treat Danny’s family to a vacation in Mombasa.

Danny Miles Yes , we will heed your call. We will take you for a fully paid holiday to Mombasa with your young Family. Also give us a paybill so that we can chip in for the management of the issue. I’m sure Kenyans of goodwill can do something. You may reach me on 0713587664,” Kabu wrote.

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