Fredrick Gitau Found Dead A day to his wedding

Fredrick Gitau was found dead in his house

Family members and friends of Frederick Gitau, a young handsome man, has been left in shock following his mysterious death, a day to his wedding.

According to the reports public News has gathered on social media, the promising young man was found dead in his apartment, with foam oozing out of his mouth.

Fredrick Gitau was scheduled to wed the love of his life Joyce Waithira today at Deliverance Church Kahawa Sukari.

With the blessing of God and our parents, we joyously invite you to witness and celebrate the blessings of our marriage,” read the digital card.

The long awaited day however turned ugly, after the discovery of his death on Friday 25th.

In a post that was shared by social media influencer and social justice activist Simon Mwangi Muthiora, Fred was reportedly dropped home by the ‘best couple’ on Thursday night. The young man was then discovered dead the following day with foam oozing out of his mouth.

Simon Mwangi, in his post further disclosed that Frederick had earlier on sent a message to his sister alerting him of a possible threat to his life.

Earlier in the evening, Fredrick is alleged to have texted his sister, telling her that ‘if anything ever happened to him, they should ask (undisclosed) person. Fred was a ‘prayer warrior’ at Deliverance Church. He never drank alcohol and was on the verge of becoming a pastor.” Simon Mwangi wrote.

Kenyans have now raised question of what led to the death of Frederick Gitau,with a large section asking the directorate of criminal investigation to move with spread and serve justice.

While reacting to social media post on death of Frederick Gitau, Kenyans felt sorry for Joyce.

@Kate Mabs: Oh no ..😢so painful, especially to the partner and family 😭

@Purity Mwangi: I can’t imagine the pain the lady and the parents are going through 😭😭😭God have mercy.

@Felista Joseph: Haki hapa something is not adding up… How comes alikua peke yake . And mostly mtu akiamkia kufanya harusi halalangi peke yake😳😳

@Mamake Alicia: My neighbor😭😭😭😭 it was a shock to everyone around the area,kilio tu ndio Iko ,, aki Mungu may thunder strike all those who took part in this 😭😭😭words can’t even explain the pain

@Paris Nyaga: Jealousy and not agreeing to let go are most dangerous things in this world.whoever did this ,May he or she lack peace in this world. RIP

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