“I know I’m Ugly but Confident,” Shakilla and Vishy Exchange Words

Kenyan socialites Pritty Vishy and Shakilla found themselves at each other’s throats during an online brawl.The two threw jabs at each other on their Instagram status updates.

It all began when Shakilla dissed Kenyan music. The socialite threw shades at Kenyan artists over what he termed as unprofessionalism. She took to socialize media to criticize the singers.

I hate Kenyan music. Yes I said that y’all sounds are average but you make it worse with you cheap stupid a$$ relationship stunts. You guys lack originality, your so predictable. Can’t you release music without lame stunts??? You be doing the most yet you release trash music,” Shakilla wrote.

In a quick rejoinder, the former Stivo Simple Boy’s fiancee hit back at Shakilla telling her that no one forced her to listen to Kenyan music.

Ohh I don’t like or love Kenyan music becoZ bla bla bla… Mazdam kuna mtu amekuforce uskize? Si uskize lingala baaaas,” Pritty Vishy wrote.

Shakilla shot back calling Vishy an ‘uncultured ghetto swine’ and stressing that there was nothing pretty about her.

The “pritty” in their name is silence. Uncultured ghetto swiney,” Shakilla wrote.

In her response, Pritty Vishy admitted she knew that she is ugly. She however noted that she is confident in her natural face and that she doesn’t fake her lifestyle like Shakilla.

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Yes I know am that ugly but ma’am at least am confident in my natural face and I don’t fake my lifestyle period,” Pritty wrote.

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