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My Husband Almost Left Me When I Couldn’t Refund Him KSh 250k Salon

When I completed my studies in front office operations in one of the reputable institutions in Mombasa last year, I decided to give the salon business a try as I waited for a job opportunity to come up.

With the situation in Kenya today, getting a job is a story for another day. With my friends’ help, I was able to find a good salon space to start the businessI asked my boyfriend to help me out with the initial rent payment and salon equipment. He was generous enough and helped me out with KSh 250,000. With the business up, clients started to stream in, and by the third month, I was able to make profits worth KSh 60,000.

My boyfriend was super excited that things were working out quite fast; little did we know running a successful business isn’t a bed of roses. Clients were becoming fewer by the day, which translated to little income. Throughout the subsequent months paying rent was becoming a problem, and I even had to fire the two assistants.

I was staring at my business downfall with all that was happening though I hadn’t given up yet. Some days I would just lay up in bed wondering what could be the problem and why I was so unlucky in this world.

I decided to seek advice from my friends, being that this is the only business I relied on it had to work somehow otherwisee I will be out in the cold with no way to sort out my bills and after wasting my boyfriend’s money well, he might dump me soon as well.

One of my friends suggested I move the salon to another location while the other suggested I open up a hotel instead, though all this advice never resonated with me well.

“I was in a similar situation two years ago, which led to me almost committing suicide. My version is different in the sense that a bank loaned me KSh 450,000, and the business failed terribly,” another friend narrated.

I was intrigued and wanted to know what she did to survive all that now that she is already driving a nice car and putting up a huge mansion. She took another angle to the story and told me to relax.

She walked to her bedroom and came back with something that resembled a small stone. I was cautioned not to touched it but told me that where her greatest strength in business is. Someone hinted to me about Kishimba doctors, visited them and ‘I don’t regret it, she said confidently with advice for me to try.

At the time, I had never heard of Kishimba doctors, or they are like, but when my friend Kamamu explained how they helped her, I had to give it a try because, at this point, my business needed that boost She shared their contact: +254714 995 588.

My hands were trembling since it was my first time doing this strange thing, but I found the energy to call when I remembered how much have lost over the past months. When I finally called the number Doctor, Kishimba explained he had already solved more complicated cases than mine.

Three days later, he visited my business premises at dawn and sprayed some liquid around the premises and left. What followed was a real surprise even to me. My business picked the same day, and believe it or not, and I went home with KSh 35,000 from sales that day. I have never regretted this, and I’m forever grateful to Kamamu and Dr Kishimba.

The Kishimba doctors have also established themselves as unbeatable stars in re-uniting divorced or separated lovers, which can influence promotions at work, manage cancer, cure high blood pressure and asthma. Are you facing any of these issues? Worry no more! Contact him now on +254714 995 588 and get your solution.

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