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How Lunch helped Douglas Kimathi escape Nithi Bridge deaths

Douglas Kimathi from Kinang’aru village, Meru County is a testimony that nature has a special way of protecting those that it pleases. This is after a mere lunch helped him escape from pangs of death that were beckoning at Nithi Bridge.

Douglas Kimathi Escape Nithi Bridge accident.

Kimathi was among the successful applicants who had been shortlisted for interviews in the ongoing teachers’ recruitment. The tutor of Chemistry and mathematics had secured an opportunity to try his luck in Kaaga girls, Meru County and a school in Kibwezi.

After calculating his chances, Kimathi opted for the school in Kibwezi.

“From the merit list the Teacher Service Commision (TSC) had provided, I had a high chance of securing a job in Kibwezi. I decided to forego Kaaga girls.

On the fateful day, Douglas Kimathi arrived at Ngundune market stage ready for the journery to KIbwezi in a Modern Coast Bus he had booked earlier. Hunger was however biting so hard that he decided to have some lunch.

“The bus was taking so long to arrive yet I was so hungry. I decided to have some lunch,” he said.

Fate would have it that after taking lunch, the bus had already left Ngundune stage.

“When I got back the bus had already left. I felt so bad. I boarded a bodaboda to run after after it,” he told public news.

Douglas Kimathi says he caught up with the bus in Meru town but the tout was so rude that he could not allow him in.

“We met the bus in Meru town. The tout was however so rude. He barred me from boarding the bus saying that he had already sold my ticket,” he narrated, “ He however gave me an option of using VANGA bus that was to leave at almost the same time.”

The modern coast bus, which Kimathi says was moving at a crazy speed, would later plunge into the river at Nithi Bridge killing over 33 people (according to Citizen Tv)

Douglas Kimathi New Calling

The distraught yet thankful man now says that he can only attribute his death escape to the will of God.

“When we got to Nithi Bridge, there was fatal accident. We learnt that the Modern Coast Bus had just veered over the bridge. I was among the first person to do the rescue. ‘ I would have been one of them’I told myself as I moved the bodies.”

Douglas Kimathi now says he is considering becoming an evangelist. “For sure God saved me. This means my task here on earth is not over. I want to become a pastor and spread the good gospel,” he said.

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