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Inside TSC powerful plan to deploy 3600 P1 teachers

inside TSC plan to deploy 36000 P1 teachers

The teachers service commission (TSC) has revealed its plan todeploy 3600 P1 teachers to junior secondary.

The commission will deploy 3600 P1 teachers who have attained higher qualifications including diplomas, degrees, diplomas and masters.

The move is in an effort to fill the deployment vacancies ahead of 2023 transition of grade 6 learners to junior secondary.

This is a great win for P1 teachers who have been stuck in one level despite attaining higher qualifications.

Junior secondary will be hosted by public secondary schools. The ministry of education is working round the clock to ensure the structures are complete before the launch of the program.

Teachers’ service commission now wants the government to allocate 10 billion shillings for the program, where 5.3 billion will go to recruitment of 8000 teachers.

The commission also want 50 billion shilling for teachers coaching and mentorship programs and 342 million shillings for national bio-metric enrollment and verification of tutors

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