Omosh baba yao ~ Drama as Eric Omondi issues fresh threat to the state

Comedian Eric Omondi has finally been released from Central Police Station where he was been held after his dramatic arrest along Statehouse road on Tuesday mid-morning.

Eric was arrested while pulling a ‘mkokoteni’ that was filled with CVs of about three million Kenyans. He told digital reporters that he was taking the CVs to statehouse but shortly after he was ‘send flying in a police car.’

Speaking to Vincent Mboya after being set free, the comedian said that he will ensure that the CV s get to statehouse as planned.

“Naskia vizuri sana kuwa huku nje. Nimeacha mkokoteni yangu nitakujia kesho. Tunaendelea mpaka mwisho. Hizo maCV nitazipeleka,” he said.


Before that he had said that he is waiting for President William Ruto to return to the country before he can submit the documents. President Ruto is currently on a 4-day visit to Germany.

Eric’s match to statehouse came just hours after he had threatened to take matters in his own hands if the government fails to deliver Kenyans from all forms of slavery.

“We might be forced to free ourselves. It is God’s will that we are free from poverty and any other form of slavery . People are suffering and if the government doesn’t act fast we will act soon. Do the right thing, the clock is ticking,” the comedian wrote on Instagram.

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