End of Maize flour subsidy, agriculture CS Peter Munya says

Agriculture CS Peter Munya end subsidised maize flour.

The Ministry of Agriculture Cs Peter Munya has indefinitely suspended the subsidized maize flour.

The CS has explained that the treasury does not have money to continue financing the programme.

President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the programme four weeks a go in a bid to curb the high maize floure prices.

In a statement, Uhuru announced that the government had offered to pay Ksh. 105 shilling for every 2-kg packet. This would lower the price of the packet to ksh.100′

The move came after a national outcry on the hefty prices of the commodity.

Kenyans will now be forced to dig deeper into their pocket to eat Ugali.

The price of a two Kg packet will now range between Ksh. 205 and 250.

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