Multi-talented: Babu Owino showcases his pool-table prowess

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has earned himself more praises in the pool-table game. The controversial lawmaker posted a video aiming at the black ball.

“Eye on the black ball.Mathematics at work.Top of the world.I’m the best among the rest.Pool table game teaches us how to use a stick and balls and aim at a hole,” he captioned.

In the video, Babu Owino is seen making calculations. He moves around the pool table . He then uses the cue stick to approximate the best spot to make his shoot.

Babu retreats and positions himself. He then aims at the black ball, makes a shot and Hurraay…the ball flows into the hole.

The surprised fans are seen hailing the parliamentarian for his prowess.


Babu Owino talented on pool-table and beyond.

Babu talented is truly talented. The academic giants also boasts several degrees from University of Nairobi.

The fearless vocal mp is also known for articulating his points in the Parliament House with a precision of an army. He has over the ears earned respect for facing other parliamentarians with courage.

His academic might became vicious in 2020 when he offered Mathematics lessons to form four candidates. Babu Owino could be seen seamlessly juggling through challenging Calculus concepts.

Another instance occurred in 2022 when he was filmed flying a helicopter.

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