“Nakupenda” Flaqo ‘Mama Otis’ Introduces His Girlfriend To Kenyans

Kenyan celebrated content creator Erastus Otieno alias Flaqo ‘Mama Otis’ has finally confirmed his romantic relationship with fellow creator Keranta after years of denying.

Flaqo did so while celebrating their third anniversary. The two creators gushed over each other on sweet message they shared on social media.

In his message, Otis celebrated Keranta as forgiving and God-given gift.

3rd Year around the sun still with you❤️Thanking God for all the good and the bad and for making us so imperfect.Giving you and i same mindset…I appreciate you heavily for i know you are indeed a God-given gift🙏🏽❤️..The happy times,sad times,the “breakups” ,the makeups…the bestie bestie periods..I just thank God for you for giving me the most understanding and my type of person by my side for years..All i ever wanted is a kalulu, year 3 and we still are Kalulu 🤣❤️..I love you so much and always will put God for us🙏🏽Happy Anniversary Baby❤️🥂To a lifetime of Happy Anniversaries❤️😍,”Otis posted.

On the other hand, Keranta appreciated her boyfriend as her actual type of person .
Because you can’t find a Sane Person 🤣🤣Just take your actual type..Cringy,insane and full of embarrassment🤣🤣.”

The revelation of the two creators came as a shocker to many Kenyans, wondered that the two have been a relationship for three years.

Earlier on, Flaqo on several occasions denied being in a romantic arrangement with Keranta.

Keranta… by the way people ask me about Keranta… Keranta is a friend and tunafanya kazi pamoja… my manager and Keranta’s manager is the same. Just the same way my manager is Trio Mio’s manager, my manager is Cindy K’s manager.’Aahh Keranta ni boyz… Keranta ni boyz. By the way mnaulizanga hii swali sana.

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