Blow to Mulamwah as Carrol Sonnie changes their daughter’s name

Content Creator Carrol Sonie has opened up about the pain of raising a daughter who resembles her baby daddy Mulamwah.

During a Question and Answer Session on YouTube, one of her fans asked her about the challenges of single-handedly raising Keilah.

Sonie disclosed that she has never co-parented Keilah with her father Mulamwah, and that the only people who helped her are her Parents.

She disclosed that it hurts her so much who she looks at Keilah on face, and discovers she resembles her father who denied and neglected her.

“I don’t know kama inauma ama nini, but my fans, especially mums, imagine kulea mtoto wako ambaye amekataliwa halafu sura yake ni ya babake? What do you do? You keep moving anyway,” Sonie said.

Sonie also revealed that she has bounced back to dating life and that she has a good man.

She said that the day she will disclosed her man, the world will come to a standstill, adding she has nothing to do with Mulamwah since she denied being the father of her daughter.

Mpoa wangu anakuanga tu hapa each and every time ni venye tu hataki kuonekana kwa camera but let me tell you the day I will decided to introduce my mpoa, mhhh dunia itasimama wacha venye munasema hapa ruracio sijui nini nini. Yetu itasimamisha dunia.”

Also, Sonie disclosed that she has dropped Mulamwah’s name from her daughter’s names.

Majina ya binti yangu yote si ya Kinngereza, anaitwaKeila Khoe Wangui Muthoni, thanks for the question ,” Sonie said.

The two lovebirds have been embroiled in child support drama since their daughter was born in September 2021.

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