Details of Mama Mboga who presented Ksh. 6 millions to pastor Ezekiel

Congregants of pastor Ezekiel Odero’s New Life Church were on Sunday treated to a rare shocking scenery, after a mama Mboga showed up with 6 millions shillings stashed in a sack.

In the video that has gone viral on social media, the rather distraught woman presented the huge amount to the pastor and asked him to bless it.

Sources have revealed that the woman is a businessman at Burna Market in Nairobi.

While handing the money, she disclosed that the money belonged to her son, who was caught by police with huge amount of dollars concealed in his car.

She further alleged that upon seizing the money, the CID officers converted it to Kenyan shillings, with total sum totaling to Ksh. 10 million.

According to her, the officers gave her Ksh. 6 millions and carried the rest. She expressed concern that the money could be proceeds of criminal activities.

The dollars were found by the CID officers in my son’s car. He is a Uber driver. The seized the dollars, went to the bank and converted them into Kenyan shillings. The total amount was about 19 millions. They brought 6 millions to be and carried the rest into their car where my son was,” she said.

The woman who was visibly grappling with fear expressed concerns that his son may face danger, owing to the mysterious circumstances sorrounding the huge amount of money.

“I am disturbed. I don’t know why they gave my some money and carried the rest. Maybe they wanted to cover the cost of buying coffin and transporting the body of my son home,” she cried.

The pastor who remained calm all through assured that he would provide security for the woman and help her locate son. He also noted that he will safeguard the money until the woman collected enough information about her son.

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