Man demands Ksh.147 billions from hospital for allowing to see his wife giving birth

A man of India Origin in Australia has sued a hospital demanding to be paid 1 billion dollars (147 billion Kenyan shillings) for allowing him witness his wife giving birth through C-section. The man claimed that the experience left him with a serious psychological illness.

According to the The Independent magazine, the man identified as Anil Kopulla took to court Royal Women’s Hospital, where her wife delivered in 2018.

The man told court that he was ‘encouraged’ and allowed by the hospital into the surgery room where his wife delivered. He divulged that seeing his wife’s internal organs and blood marked the beginning of a ‘psychological illness’.

Mr Koppula claims that he was urged and allowed to witness the delivery process…He saw his wife’s internal organs and blood….He says the hospital went against its responsibility of safeguarding him and therefore should pay fine,” read the letter to the court.

Mr. Koppula’s case now demands Ksh. 147 billion compensation by the hospital.

During the hearing, Mr Kopulla claimed that besides causing mental illness, watching the surgery being done has led to the breakdown of his marriage .

Mr. Kopulla witnessed the delivery of his child through Caesarian-section in January 2018.

Women are often permitted to have a partner or family member in the room as they have their C-section, so they can witness the birth of the new baby and support the mother during the procedure.

In their defense, the hospital argued that it did not neglected it’s duty of care.The court agreed and dismissed Mr.Kopulla’s claims, terming it as ‘abuse of process ‘.

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