Househelp caught on Camera ‘helping herself ‘ in Kitchen

A video of a househelp helping herself in the kitchen has sparked mixed heated debate among Kenyans on social media.

In the short clip captured by CCTV camera, the lady who donned a yellow sweater was seen walking from the living room where she was babysitting. She walked to the open Kitchen adjacent to living room.

The lady went ahead and picked a bowl from the sink, lowered herself and filled it with urine. She then disgustingly emptied the content in the sink and placed the bowl among other utensils.

While responding to the clip, Kenyans angered by the lady’s behavior expressed varied reactions, with some calling for her immediate dismissal. Another section of fans blamed the employer for not informing the househelp that there are CCTV cameras in the house.

@Kenkaka: “Si hata House help wengine kwao ni wachawi so akifika kazini pia anaendelea tu,” said one.

@Shiroh: “That’s why I always say inform your househelp that cameras are everywhere. Prevention is better.”

@Luo Queen: “Wengine ni wachawi! Huyu ni risasi. But guys tell your maids Kuna CCTV.”

@Eduh : “Disgusting. Afutwe kazi haraka.”

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Househelp captured using Urine to Cook

A while a go, another video of a lady helping herself in Kitchen and using the urine to cook.

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