“Stop mocking God,” Kenyans blast Kelvin Kinuthia for going to church in dress

Kenyan content creator Kelvin Kinuthia has been a subject to backlash from Netizens for what Kenyans have termed as disrespecting God.

Kelvin Kinuthia caused a stir on social media after he went to church dressed in a dress and wig. The cross-dresser shared a clip on his Instagram account, eliciting mixed reactions among his fans.

In the video that has been seen by Public News, Kinuthia was donning a strapless blue dress and a wig. She was seen clapping and dancing to a Kikuyu Song. He further disclosed in his post caption that he is a talented Dancer.

If you don’t know my other talent is singing and dancing for the lord ♥️. Here @Zion_Njeri Album Launch ♥️,” he wrote.

Fans expressed their mixed reactions with many telling him off for ‘mocking God’.

@MemeInsyder: I can’t judge you because I’m not God but I guess God is not happy.

@MamaJayKenya: “Hii ni church gani mnavaa hivyo 😞😞”

@99999.9: “I’m sorry but don’t wear such when it comes to God brother”

Kelvin Kinuthia however clapped back at those criticizing him, adding that he enjoys good relationship with God.

Heeeh. Huku naskia namock God by worshipping him 😂😂😂 heeh wakenya. Anyway let me enjoy my relationship with God ♥️.

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Kelvin Kinuthia is popular for dressing like lady. He has a soft spot for polished nails, something that has made many question his gender.

While speaking in the previous interview, the content creator opened up on why he dresses like a lady, despite his ID being indicated that he is a male. According to him, people know him because of lady-like character and trying to change it will affect his fortune.

This character has brought me where I am, there is no way I can switch up and start another character. People will get bored, people are used to this version,” he said.

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