Story of Kenyan Earning 700K Per Month Driving Trucks in the US.

Story of Kenyan Earning 700K Per Month Driving Trucks in the US.

• Monster trucks, which traverse all 50 states delivering various items, dominate the American transportation system.

Despite some of the drivers earning Ksh700,000 a month, little is known about how profitable the venture is.

This is the account of Samuel Mulwa, a truck driver who started out in the US in 2020.

The Kenyan who now resides in the US said to Kenyan YouTubers El and Nic that his friend, who had been employed in the trucking business for six years, was the reason he got into it.

He claimed that after receiving advice from a friend about the lucrative transportation sector, he initially entered the US medical area before opting to leave and enrol in a trucking school.

“I joined a trucking school and attended a five-week programme. I paid Ksh447,000 and was trained on the basics of the program,” he stated.

Mulwa noted that after passing the test, he had to work with a trainer for a few weeks to help him learn some of the fundamentals of operating the truck and other skills that weren’t covered in class.

The driver said that his investment paid off despite the high cost levied because he earned an average of Ksh180,000 per week in his first year.

“The pay is dependent on the experience.
It most definitely pays off well. When you work five days a week as a driver, your average pay is Ksh178,000; but, after taxes, your take-home pay is only Ksh155,000.

Having worked in the field for two years, he did mention that his pay had increased.

However, he admitted that trucking was not as simple as many people thought, pointing out the difficulties in controlling the enormous vehicles.

“It was scary because reversing is very difficult. On the highway, you just have to check the side mirrors.

“Not everyone can drive but it is very rewarding. One of the greatest challenges is the weather. The wind here can be crazy at times,” he stated.

Mulwa advised Kenyans looking to work in the trucking industry in the US to pursue their passion rather than their financial interests considering the demanding nature of the profession.

“You have to love what to do because it is rewarding. Do not focus on money. You can imagine driving for 5000 kilometres,” he stated.

A working visa, an identification card, and other documents needed for registration were among the other pieces of advice he gave to Kenyans.

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