Bodaboda rider Antony Mwangi narrates how a client bit his lip after he refused to have ‘twa twa’

A male Bodaboda rider has narrated how his client bit his lip after he refused to have ‘twa twa’ with him. Antony Mwangi who hails from Roysambu is nursing injuries following the painful incidence that saw part of his upper lip off.

While speaking to Paxson Tv, Antony Mwangi said that got a client on Friday evening. The client requested to be dropped at a place called Zebra in Zimmerman.

On reaching the destination, the client said that he did not have any cash. The client instructed him to accompany him to the his apartment to collect his dues.

Unaware of what was awaiting, the rider followed the client to his room which was on the third floor. At first, the client was very hospitable. He even requested Anthony to sit down for some refreshments.

When Antony declined the offer, the client became very hostile. He immediately snatched the phone from Antony and ordered him to bend over for a twatwa session.

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Efforts by Mwangi to resist the heinous act made the client more aggressive. He jumped on him in an attempted to kiss him and ended bitting off his upper lip.

Mwangi screamed and cried for help prompting neighbors to run to the scene. They offered first aid before calling the police officer.

Upon arrival at the scene, the police officers arrested the client and took him to Kasarani police station.

Fellow bodaboda riders have expressed disappointed saying the suspect was able to bail out himself the following day.

The have also said that they no longer feel safe as cases of harassment has shot up.

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