“Nimekuliwa bibi,” Stivo Simple Boy discovers wife pregnant for another man

Stivo Simple Boy, a Kenyan rapper who real name is Stephen Adera, has expressed sadness after discovery his wife Grace Atieno allowed another man to have a steamy session with her.

In the shocking revelation, Stivo Simple Boy’s friend disclosed that Grace is pregnant for another man.

The source close to the couple disclosed that the ‘Freshi barida’ hitmaker is battling depression after discovering his wife is carrying another man’s seed.

Stivo Simple Boy is in depression. He has been thinking about what to do. He felt bad after he realized his wife is expecting a child with another man.”

A leaked piece of evidence has surfaced, wherein Stevo Simple Boy denies the pregnancy, claiming that they had not been together for a while, and his wife returned to him already pregnant.

According to the leaked audio clip, Stivo is alludes that, “The pregnancy isn’t mine. We were not together after my dad’s funeral, and she came back while pregnant.”

Despite huge pressure from the public on Grace Atieno to respond to the allegations, she refrained adding that she will tell her side of story next year. She however confirmed that her relationship with the singer is no longer rosy as it used to be.

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