PESA OTAS: Man spends Ksh.237K on Expensive liquor

Even as a number of Kenyans decry hard economic times, a Kenyan man has caused a buzz on social media afte flaunting a hefty bill of drinks in a night club.In the short clip that has gone viral, the man is seen holding long reciept roll, with expensive bottles of drinks gracefully sited on the table.

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To the amazement of many Kenyans, the man displayed a bill that totalled to Ksh. 237,950. Among the list of drinks was two bottles of GLENFIDDICH wine, 21 Years Old each at a cost of Ksh. 50,000.

Other expensive drinks included 1 GLENFIDDICH 18 years 750 Ml at Ksh. 19,000 , GLENLIVET 18 Years 1 litre at Ksh. 25,000, J.W Double Black at Ksh. 11,000 and MARTELL BLUESWIFT 1 liter at 18,000.

The video has elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans online, with some arguing that the man should have spent the money on better things.

Hii Kanairo kuna mtu anakunywa tu net worth yako pale Aluta, na mnasema hakuna pesa.!🤣🤣🤣,” Commented one.

Hii ni Plot mzima pale Mwea 🙆🙆.”

Weeeeeh. Kenya sihami. Na vile huku tunalala njaa 😭.”

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