“I love K!ss!ng,” DJ Pierra Makena reveals why she’s single at 42, gives Xtics of men she want

Kenyan entertainer and DJ Pierra Makena has opened up on why she is still single despite being 42 years old.

Speaking during an Interview with Oga Obinna, she disclosed that she ia still single because she is yet to get a perfect match.

The mother of one lamented that some Women keep poking holes into her love life because of her marital status.

“I don’t like women who victimize other women who are single. Some tell me that I speak the way I do because I am not married,” she lamented.

She added,” I don’t want to be that woman who rush to marriage to impress the society.”

She further disclosed that she was blessed with her first kid Ricca Pokot while she was 35 years old. The DJ who is now aged 42 went on to say that her kid went through numerous challenges in school, forcing to seek reconciliation with her baby daddy in vain.

My kid was going through a lot in school. Other children kept on asking her about the whereabouts of her father. I tried to look for the baby daddy so that I could reunite them but I did not succeed. If they’ll be ready again, I’ll give them a chance,” DJ Pierra said.

She went on to say, “ I can’t speak I’ll of the baby daddy to my kid and still I can’t take him to court to demand child support. I can only take legal action to compel him to love his child.”

She also noted that she is celebrating 15 years as a DJ, and that it is the work she is currently doing as she quitted ‘night jobs’.

Speaking about her love life, DJ Pierra opened up about the pain of being rejected by men. She disclosed that despiting shooting her shots to her crushes, some blatantly rejected her.

“I have been rejected a couple of times. I have this clique of girls. If nimecrush on someone, I send my girl… she’ll be like..hey Pierra likes you….. “

She went on to disclose the qualities of a man she would want to date saying, “He should be hardworking and I don’t mean he should be rich. I want a man who is a little good looking. He must be a good K!sser. I am very bad at it. I love it badly.”

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