Amira proves Jamal Rohosafi is a liar

Jamal Riho Safi ex-wife Amira has unleashed a breathtaking proof that she was indeed pregnant when Jamal attacked her in 2021.

The businessman’s wife shared on Instagram a photo of pregnancy test and a letter from Nairobi Hospital confirming she was pregnant.

Few days ago, Amira exposed Jamal as a very toxic person.

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In a post she made on social media, Amira said that her baby daddy once attacked her in front of her parents. She further disclosed that the attack made her lose her pregnancy, adding that Jamal is the worst person she has ever met in her life.

Jamal has however denied that she made her ex-wife miscarry.

While speaking in an interview with YouTuber Eve Mungai, Jamal said Amira was lying.

She is a liar,” he said.

According to him, Amira was never pregnant and the doctor advised her against it since she suffers p back pain.

Amira is a liar, if she was ever pregnant, she would have shared the news with the entire world. We all agreed to have two children since she suffers from back pains.”

Jamal also accused Amira of clout pchasing with his name in order to gain relevance. He added that Amira is probably bitter because he is no longer sending her money for upkeep.

The businessman now want Amira to look for another man and move on.

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