“Alinitenda,” William Ruto spills beans on Fallout with Uhuru Kenyatta

William Ruto spills beans on Fallout with Uhuru Kenyatta.

Barely a year into the office, President William Ruto has finally spilled the beans on cause of fallout with his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta. The unfolding of events have been Captured in Aden Duale’s 371-page Biography, For the Record.

Witten by a close political friend, William Ruto endorsed the book, describing it as a ‘spell binding read’. In the book, Ruto has averred that President Uhuru’s sudden declaration of war on him and his allies came as a surprise.

I thought we had built a lasting relationship. I never thought that President Kenyatta, the man I wholeheartedly campaigned for in 2013 and 2017 could turn around and stick a sharp knife in my back,” William Ruto disclosed.

According to him, hell broke loose after 2017 general elections. The then President Uhuru Kenyatta attacked head-on and warned that his second term would be different.

The bubble of a united country burst burst during to the first Jubilee meeting after the 2017 general elections. Uhuru Kenyatta went ballistic as he lay down his agenda for the second and final term. He read riot and emphasized that in his second term things would be different,” Ruto recalled.

Uhuru Kenyatta went further and affirmed that he was one in total control of the government and that the destiny of Kenya lay on his hands. What shocked Ruto is that Uhuru’s friends, who were his juniors, began hurling insults on the face.

It stung when when he claimed that the presidency is not a relay between two tribes, Kalenjins and Kikuyus. All along, I had hoped that we would turn the conversation around the real issues affecting Kenyans and not the usual tribal tropes.”

It dawned on President Ruto that Kenyatta had already initiated and engineered an alliance with ODM leader Raila Odinga, with hope that he would succeed him.

Uhuru Kenyatta Purge on William Ruto Allies

William Ruto recalled how he helplessly watched as who once his close friends crucified his friends and political lieutenants. Kenyatta made unfounded accusations in a bid to defend his move.

They fired my allies on flimsy accusations to politically smear anyone who was seen with me. Duale was among those who paid the price.

Uhuru Kenyatta False Accusations on Ruto

The big shock came months after Uhuru declared war on Ruto. He disclosed to the nation that his fallout with his deputy President had been brought about by Ruto himself. He accused him of allying with Raila Odinga, and orchestrating a plan to impeach him.

To Ruto, this was a blatant lie. He wondered why he would try to remove from power a man whom he had campaigned for.

It didn’t make sense. I was not angry but terribly horrified. Why would I help him get to power and still push for his removal? I was ashamed on his behalf, because the politics of lies, deceit and betrayal was already in statehouse.

William Ruto and his allies were forced to be an outsiders on the government they passionately. But 6 years later, Ruto is the president of Kenya, with a golden opportunity to change the lives of Kenyans, a dream that was deferred during his tenure as a deputy President.

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