“Time to revenge on Samidoh,” Kenyans advises Edday Nderitu

Kenyan Mugithi singer Samidoh’s wife is currently in America for a vacation. Edday revealed that she had taken a break from Kenyan environment some few days ago. The elated mother of 3 shared the exciting news on social media.

Jet lag was real, now adjusting with American time!! #nothingbutprayers,” she wrote.

Just like many celebrities, Edday Nderitu has ever since shared experience through random social media post. In one of the most recent post, she ignited the internet after she posed for a photo with an army.

In the photo seen by Public News, Edday who appeared to be in good spirits stood besides the tall man who was in uniform.

Goodnight from this side of the world,” he wrote.

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While reacting to the post, Kenyans expressed their opinions, with many warning Samidoh of a looming danger. A large section speculated that Edday would not was any chance, if the man proposed for a steamy session.

One fan went ahead and advised Edday to take her time and revenge on Samidoh.The fan divulged that Samidoh has caused her wife enough pain, and that it is time to pay back.

Our Goatwife,our very own,we love you bt please I have seen a step between that mzungu and you,pls don’t come back! It is our time to revenge what Nyamu and Samidoh have done to us, it is our time to shine,please don’t come back💃,” the fan wrote.

Here are some of the other reactions;

It has went this😂😂 I don’t know why but am happy for this woman

If I were you 😁cwezi rudi machos …we live once and you need happiness gal 🤩let me continue to camp here untill I confirm my prediction

It has went …bdw change is always good congratulations Samidoh amka kimeibiwoo

I rarely comment here but today I can comfortably say it has “wented”🤭

If you ever want to hurt samidoh count me in i will help you do it..

Samidoh these has went and went forever,prayers are working miracles

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