William Ruto’s secret card for Kenyan economy

The election of William Samoei Ruto was highly attributed to his promises of reviving Kenyan economy. William Ruto has managed to inspire hope among millions of Kenyans who are struggling to make ends meet.

The self-made billionaire rose from selling chickens to becoming one of the most powerful and affluent politician. His success his highly attributed to his aggression and hard work.

During his tour to Meru County, William Ruto has revealed proper collection of revenue as his key secret to building Kenyan economy.

” Last week I sat down with the KRA officials. We deliberated on how they will ensure every eligible Kenyan is paying taxes,” he said.

The President-elect has insisted on collection of revenue as gateway to salvaging the ailing economy.

“Kenyans should learn that for us to be independent, we must learn to pay taxes. To encourage this, I will lead by example.”

William Ruto has also encouraged Kenyans to develop a saving culture. According to him, Counties that have learnt the art of saving are way ahead of Kenya.

“Its surprising that Countries like China save more than 50% of their GDP. Our country save only 7% of the GDP and that is why we keep on borrowing from them. Kenyans should learn how to save so that government can borrow from them,” he added.

While speaking to congregants at Maua stadium, Ruto reaffirmed his commitment in fighting corruption. He promised to destroy cartels who have ‘captured’ the economy.

“When you elected me, you basically gave me a whip. I will use it to whip out all cartels in government institutions,” Ruto concluded.

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