Will Martha Katana be Back? Here is the Truth

Citizen TV’s Becky has become one of the most notable Telenovela spicing Kenyan Television screens. The program which runs from Monday to Friday as from 7:30PM to 8 PM has gained huge popularity among Kenyan soap opera lovers.

Martha Katana, who has been acting as Junior Katana ‘s mother is among the characters who featured prominently in the program and left Kenyans glued on screens. Her calm demeanor, good mastery of Queen language, open-mindedness and her unique ability to unravel secrets blended well with her role of a rich woman working hard to protect her family.

Recently, her appearances on the screens came to a tragic end after she was poisoned to death by her daughter in law Trisha Khalid. Trisha did so after Martha disclosed to her that she had contacted the lawyer to work on a divorce between her son and Trisha.

This is After Martha Katana discovered that Trisha had harboured several secrets, including faking Pregnancy and lying about the death of her mother.

Will Martha Katana be back on screens?

Following the sudden death of Martha, fans expressed sadness with some hoping that it was just a dream. A large section of Kenyans who enjoys the program were not happy with her sudden disappearance.

While taking to social media, some fans have speculated that Martha Katana will be back but maybe as a ghost. They expressed hope that her death was not permanent disappearance from the screens.

We have missed you very much and we are waiting you to come back and face your enemy,” said one fan.

Cant wait for you to come back though lexy ameambiwa we c real mum wake,” another fan noted.

Do ferst we are waiting for you mum your son is missing you so much mumy plz came back,” a fan said.

Some fans however expressed satisfaction with Martha Katana’s absence, arguing that her son Junior is becoming a man he ought to be.

Si akae.Her absence makes junior think and act like a man

Unfortunately junior is now impresing his man xcter So your absence is appreciated highly”

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