“Wanawake Wamekumaliza” Netizens Ruthlessly Bash Timmy Tdat For Dancing Suggestively With Vixen

Artist Timmy Tdat has received a thorough bashing from netizen in an attempt to promote his latest song Naskia Poa featuring Masauti.

The song was released two months ago and has since garnered 126k views on YouTube.

The musician took to Facebook and shared some of the Behind The Scenes video while they were shooting the music.

In the video, Timmy and a female vixen are seen dancing suggestively and in the end he spanks her. His trouser was also sagging extremely thus leaving fans utterly unimpressed. Click here to watch video

Here are some of the reactions to the video;

Vet Clint: Wanawake ndio walimaliza hii **gu Kukula Kila s***o.

Shemax Munyoki: Timmy uko down hauna content tena huyo dem pia ni Ki***o ata kucheza.

Brootex: We ndio ulibaki huna akili

Too Kipleting: Hion ndio song tumeshinda tukingoja miaka 10

Emmanuel Mvarema: Ati Kijana yangu anafanya kazi Nairobi, Kazi yenyewe ni hii.

David Kariuki: Timmy uko poa sana but unajichomea ukisag trouser like that bana.

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