“Utanyonya ama nipee uncle,” man narrates how beautiful lady costed him a job

A kenyan man has left netizens in stitches after narrating a hilarious account of how he ended up alighting at Mwea, kilometers away from Embu, where he was supposed to alight.

While speaking in a TikTok video, the man identified as Triple XX said that he was going for an interview at Embu town from Chuka. His journey was smooth until a beautiful lady boarded the matatu he was traveling in and sat next to him.

Lakini madem wa Kenya mkuwe serious at times. So kuna hii day niliitwa interview Embu town. Mimi huyo, nikachukua matatu hapo chuka. Kufika tu Runyenjes….sema mali safi. Akainga akakaa next me. But alikuwa amebeba kamkid,” he narrated.

The matatu did not move a long distance before the lady began breastfeeding the kid.

Kindogo kindogo hivi, nikaona mrembo amefungua blouse akatoa kitu safi akaanza kunyonyesha mtoi. Of course macho hayana pazia.”

According to Triple XX, the lady must have noticed that he was enjoying the whole scene. So she decided to take advantage.

Nimekaa hii tu then I heard her say ‘nyonya ama nipee uncle’ while smiling at me. Sema mambo kuchemka.”

The whole mess made the man miss the interview after alighting at Mwea, a town that is Kilometers away past Embu town.

For sure I don’t know what happened but nilijipata Mwea because after every few minutes she would tease me with the precious assets. Ivo ndivyo interview iliisha na nikamiss an opportunity to have a job.

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  1. And that was the first test of the interview, of which you failed terribly my brother. Usiache mbachao kwa msala upitao

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