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Uhuru’s speech at Sagana :love

Here is President Uhuru’s speech at sagana during the highly anticipated Sagana 3 declaration.

“I told William Ruto that the time for campaigns would come but there was a time for everything and that time was time to work because work changes livelihoods.”

“A lot has been said about me but I have been choosing to stay silent.”

“Everyone should hold their meeting at their home, so I should not be accused of denying anyone a chance. We have many leaders but today is my day.”

“Much has been said, even by some people I am seeing here, but I just observe. I see them on tv stations talking but God is good. Jubilee is not dead.”

“The youth should remember where we have come from and I am telling you this because I love you. Everyone wants more and that is normal but also remembers how far we have come.”

Uhuru's speech at sagana
President Uhuru arrive at sagana for Sagana 3 declaration

“I used to insult Raila Odinga, I will not lie but when I am wrong I apologize.”

“I said I would look for Raila for talks despite being told to stay put because we already had the government because the country was not peaceful. I used to inform him about my progress so when he came and said I did not tell him, I was shocked.”

“The youth are being lied to that I am a rich person who wants to stay in power yet I just want to finish my term and go home. We will be meeting in the streets after my term where you will be telling me if those you voted for are delivering.”

“I am not interested in abusing anyone and I have not come here to lie. I am not afraid to tell you the truth because that would make me a bad leader.”

“We all give offerings in church depending on our financial capabilities. If someone offers stolen money that was to be used to build dams in Elgeyo Marakwet for God’s children to drink water…”

“One and a half years of Munya as Agriculture CS has brought immense growth to the sector: pyrethrum factories have been re-opened… yet some people who were in the ministry say they will bring development they couldn’t before.”

“I am seeing so many people here and since I cannot steal from the government, I do not know how to, I had budgeted for 5,000 leaders. Let us share the little I brought.”

“Please let us support the old man until he wins and if the other man comes back, I will support him. I do not have a problem with anyone.”

source: public news kenya

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