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Presidential working party on education proposes FRESH measures inline with CBC Curriculum

With just a few days to the expiry of its term, the presidential working party on education is winding down its work, with the presentation of a raft of measures that could change the landscape of education right from ECDE to University.

In a stakeholder meeting held earlier last week, the working party recommends that categorization of schools into national, extra and subcounty schools be phased out.The schools will be categorised in line with career paths.

In line with the CBC curriculum, The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) will be renamed to The Kenya National Assessment Council.

Additionally, the party recommends that learners have options in subject, that will determine their careers. In this aspect, learners will have option to choose between Maths and Science, English or Kiswahili, and any other subjects.

The party has also asked the KCID to rationalize the number of teaching areas at junior High. Currently, the students are expected to study a total of 14 subjects.

Presidential Working Party Recommendations on Universities

The working party also wants the university education aligned to CBc for ease of transition. They want certificate and diplomas scrapped from universities. If the working party recommendations are implemented, then the chancellors and vice-chanchellors recruitment will be moved from public service commission to the universities council for appointment by the president through the CS Education.

Further changes in the universities include the proposal that the election of the student council leaders be held every two years.While the appointment of Dean of students and faculties will be done competitively.

The party recommendations if approved, will significantly change the functions of Teachers Service Commission, to include empowering and recruitment of ECDE teachers, a function currently performed by counties.

The changes suggested will also strip off the power of TSC to regulate the teachers and leave it with human resource function.

Teachers training will also be reformed, with the student teachers required to undergo a one year teaching practice.

The party has also recommended that the boards of bursaries and scholarships be collapsed into one pot.

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