Otile Brown caught in LGBTQ drama as Maxwell Mwamburi confesses love for him

Maxwell Mwamburi confesses love for Musician Otile Brown

Kenyan popular Influencer-cum-sensational baker Maxwell Mwamburi has confessed his undying love for musician Otile Brown.

The cross-dresser took to social media to open up on a romantic dream he had. Through a Instagram post, Maxwell narrated that in his dream, he vividly saw Otile Brown professing his long-term desire for him.

He described that he saw Otile Brown going down on his knees at a Beachfront resort in Mombasa and passionately confessing his feelings towards him.

Not me seeing Otile Brown in my dreams on his knees in some beachfront resort in Mombasa confessing his long-term desire for me! I was so confused, He was spitting it all out in the muftiest of Swahili fluency ever… I can’t remember saying yes, but I was just still the whole time.”

Maxwell went ahead and noted that when he dreams, it either come to pass or holds a lot of significance. He expressed his curiosity adding that he is ready for what the future holds.

IMG 20230710 092436 jpg Otile Brown caught in LGBTQ drama as Maxwell Mwamburi confesses love for him

I rarely have dreams, and when I do it’s either somehow it ends up happening or somehow just happening. I don’t know what the universe was letting me know but Otile, my eyes on you Bway.”

Maxwell Mwamburi is a member of the queer community who sometimes goes by the name Maxine.

While speaking in a previous interview, he disclosed that he grew up with his father hating on him for having girlish behavior.

All in my childhood, it’s with my mum. I found my femininity and softness, I learnt about cooking, cleaning, beauty, fashion, fasting, prayer and all that. Yes! My dad hated me! In fact, he used to say I’m not his because of my feminine tendencies. I’m talking all through high school.

Talking about his past relationships, the entrepreneur revealed that he only dated women for show off.

His last relationship was with socialite Soila and was only meant to please his family and friends

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