Thai police officers arrest Canadian tourist for opening Plane’s door

Passengers and crew members of a plane destined for Bangok from Chiang Mai Airport were left in utter panic after a Canadian tourist opened the emergency door of the craft as it was about to take off.

Taking to social media, one of the passengers Ananya Tiangtae, who was on board during the incidence narrated the shocking ordeal.She said chaos broke out inside the plane as the man opened the emergency exit.
There was chaos in the plane. What if we were 30,000 feet above sea level? What would happen?” she said.

The Canadian man was taken into custody by local police.The passenger’s lawyer claimed that the man was hallucinating when he opened the aircraft’s door.

He admitted that he opened the door, the reason was people were coming after him … from his behavior, he was likely hallucinating,” the tourist’s lawyer, Jirawat Yarnkiatpakdee, told local broadcaster Thai PBS.

Confirming the incident, Chiang Mai airport director Ronnakorn Chalermsaenyakorn said the plane returned to the terminal and finally departed after technicians carried out safety inspections. Chalermsaenyakorn said over a dozen flights were affected at the airport due to the incident.

The plane returned to the terminal passengers disembarked, and technicians carried out safety inspections… After the inspection, the aircraft was cleared to depart with all passengers and crew safe,” he further said.

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