“Don’t Come Back,” Lebanese Employer Tells Rosie, the Kenyan viral Nanny

For the better part of last week, Rossie, a Kenyan woman working in Lebanon as a nanny became an internet sensation after video of her employer’s children crying for her at the airport went viral.

In the emotional video that gained huge traction on social media, Rossie was seen in company of the couple that has employed her and the children she was babysitting. The children were seen shedding tears uncontrollably as they bid Rossie goodbye.

In return, Rossie who was equally emotional and in tears embraced the little angel. The original video become viral and gained millions of views across social media platforms.

A week later, fresh details about viral nanny Rossie has emerged.

Who Is Rossie The Super Nanny?

Her real names are Rosselyne Atieno Oyola. The 34 year old woman hails from from Siaya County,Bondo, Asembo Kanyagor village. She is a mother of 3 kids, two boys and a girl. The first born is 13 years, second born 6 years and last born 4 years.

Rossie flew to Lebanon in 2021 to search for greener pasture. According to her, she was in an abusive marriage and she decided to quit and went to look for money to raise her children.

Rossie Working for a Celebrity Couple

Rossie’s story in other country is just like any other only that she really prayed to get a good family and God answered her prayers.

FB IMG 17020233369596529 jpg "Don't Come Back," Lebanese Employer Tells Rosie, the Kenyan viral Nanny

Upon landing in Lebanon, she met a good family that happened to be celebrities. Rossie and the Lebenese kids had a special bond in that they really appreciated her work,and respected her as a Nanny taking care of them. The family right from Lebanese parents to kids treated her like their own hence the theory but contract matters made Rossie come back to Kenya.

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She has a business in town she is managing at the moment. Rossie’s gesture has made Kenyan Nannies be respected all over the world and her advise to Kenyans working abroad, “do your work good and pray”. At the moment Rossie has been offered a trip with Expeditions Maasai Safaris with her family for a special vacation.

She ain’t going back to husband

Speaking about going back to her marriage, Rossie disclosed that she has already moved on. She also disclosed that several men are DMing her, but insisted that she wants to focus on her growth first.

Further, she disclosed plans to go back to Lebanon to work, in order to accomplish her mission of giving her children a bright future.

During an Interview, Rossie revealed that she shed tears talking to Lebanese kids because the bond she had with them filled the empty heart of missing her kids back at home.

Lebanese Employer Does not Want Rossie Back

In a shocking move, the Lebanese Employer has urged Rossie not to go back work . In a video she shared on TikTok, the employer urged the Nanny to consider staying in Kenya and looking after his kids.

According to her, Rosie should use her fame to explore other opportunities of making money.

Please don’t come backā€¦. Stay in Kenya and look after your kids. Explore other opportunities of making money. That’s my opinion,” she said.

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