Sprinter Hussein Losses $12.7M Life Savings

World renown Olympic Sprinter Usain Bolt is in shock following the loss of his retirement and lifetime savings of $12.7 million.

Hussein Bolt discovered the huge sum was missing from the account he had with Kingston-based investment firm Stocks and Securities.

According to his lawyer Linton P. Gordon, the sprinter was informed that $12,000 was  the only amount left in the account.

It is definitely distressful news for anyone. And certainly in the case of Mr. Bolt, who established this account as part of his private pension,” the lawyer said.

The lawyer has now vowed to initiate legal process if the money does not reflect in 8 days.

Earlier on, the Jamaica’s Financial Services Commission revealed it had installed its own temporary manager at SSL, following reports of allegations of fraud that had earlier prompted the commission to put the bank under enhanced oversight. 

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