Nominated MP Sankok says he’s forgiven Babu Owino for hiding his crutches.

“By the time I realised that my crutches were missing, I couldn’t move or even go to the lavatory. If a fire
broke out I would have been helpless but because of my values as a Christian I have decided to forgive

“Those saying that my crutches can be used as weapons are wrong. They are just tools I use for walking.
If I were to use them as weapons, the said persons could also use their legs to attack me as well and I
wouldn’t be able to do the same. It will never come to that though because we are all peaceful.

“When we meet on December 29, our relationship as colleagues will still be intact, but let’s use our
minds to formulate new laws and debate in Parliament.”
The Embakasi East MP had earlier on revealed that his actions were motivated by emotions with which
TangaTanga allied MP were debating.
“TangaTanga MP were debating with emotions. I was worried that they may use the crutches to unleash
violence on is,” he stated.

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