“Turudishie fees,” Angry students laments as Highschool boy hack Kabarak University Facebook Page

Drama as Highschool boy Hack Kabarak University Facebook Page.

Kenyans have raised after an alleged Highschool boy hacked Kabarak University Facebook page. Online detectives noticed all was not well 5 days ago when the page began publishing funny clips.

On Saturday 7th May, the cyberpunk came out clear and revealed that he had hacked the social media account. The hacker claimed he did so while having fun.

hello everyone, here I just want to clarify about this account that was hacked, to be honest I was just having fun so don’t take the posts I publish seriously, once again I’m sorry,” the hacker wrote.

The IT genius who identified himself as a student of Jakarta’s IT-based high schools challenged the university to recover their page, adding that he will not return it.

I will not return this account, but I challenge all of you to reclaim this account immediately-regards a student from one of Jakarta’s IT-based high schools.”

Hours later, the boy asked the boy demanded Ksh. 67K to return the page. According to him, the amount was so small for such a big university.

I also have another option, you guys just give me 500$ , and I’ll bring this page back, the offer is cheap for a big university.

A section of Kenyans have now raised concerns after the university which offers IT courses failed to recover their social media account. Several Kenyans camped on the page’s comment section demanding answers from the University’s IT department.

Here are some of the reactions;

“I’m student as kabarak but know I want my fees back because you are offering the course that you don’t understand… As an IT students surely I give up”

“Comrades wanaomba uingie pale portal na uwapee grades mkuu…na utume till number 🤣🤣”

“Imagine Someone Having Fun With a Public University’s Facebook Account… There are Wise people and intelligent people but this one right here is a genius… And before you all argue, be sure you can help the institution reclaim their account…😂”

“All students taking IT at Kabarak should get resits/retakes/sups. Why have they failed to retrieve the school’s page from the hacker”

“So this school produced computer scientists and IT gurus who can not help recover their account.”

“So the hacker is apologizing? Am deaded 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”

“Where are the IT gurus of Kabarak University. I wish Mzee Moi was alive to see this.Are you telling us Kabarak is offering Bachelors in IT? 🤣🤣”

“Let the school disband the ICT department…3 days and they’ve not gained control, it’s an embarrassment.”

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