Lucy Boke Murder : Details of the well calculated murder of Kisii Polytechnic student

A first year student of Kisii Polytechnic Student Lucy Boke was on Thursday Stabbed To Death by her boyfriend over allegedly love triangle.

According to reports, the boyfriend used a knife to stab the 22 year old seven times and left her lifeless body lying on the floor.

While confirming the incident, Kisii OCPD Isaac Kimwele said that the man identified as Stephen Orengo, a resident of Kuria, traveled from Migori armed with a sharp knife.

We have discovered that the lady was Ex-girlfriend of the killer. What happened is that when the police officers arrived, they found the body of the lady lying on the floor, inside the house where the lady was residing. We are told that the suspect had come to visit that lady, may be for some reasons that we don’t know.” Kisii OCPD Isaac Kimwele said in parts.

The body of the suspect has been taken to Kisii funeral home, while the suspect is held at Kisii police station pending further investigation.

Stephen Orengo had planned to Murder Lucy Boke

While speaking to media, one of Lucy Boke’s friend said that after classes, Isaac followed them closely behind. Lucy made it clear that she was not ready to speak to him, as they had separated months before.

With the unbreakable resolve to execute the murder, Isaac insisted that would leave after the heavy rains that was pouring receded.He accompanied Lucy to his rented room.

Hours later, the residents were woken by screams. Efforts to open the door were rendered fruitless as Isaac had locked the door from inside. And before they could open, it was too late! The lifeless body of Lucy lay on floor with several stabs on chest.

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