REVEALED: Shocking Facts About the phenomenal building in Zimmerman

For the past few days, a storey building with apartments on the lower part and residential home on top has been making rounds on social media. The magnificent building has elicited mixed reactions among Netizens.

Landlord amekalia tenants,” read one comment. A section of other Kenyans who saw the photo of the building questioned it stability and safety.

In a bid to unravel the mystery surrounding the Wonder building, Public News gathered some facts.

Who is the owner of the Phenomenal Building?

Our online detectives established that the building sits gracefully at Zimmerman, Nairobi. The building features 3-storey residents apartment and a 2-storey modern mansion on top.

FB IMG 16968659052320936 jpg REVEALED: Shocking Facts About the phenomenal building in Zimmerman

To the surprise of many, the building belongs to a Mbasi, a beautiful Kenyan Lady who partially resides in US.

While speaking to a local YouTuber, Mbasi, who grew up in the Zimmerman disclosed that the idea came into his mind due to the limited space.

“I had one plot. I wanted to maximize on space. So I thought of having apartments down and a penta-house on top. So I brought the idea to my builder and he told me it is possible. He gave the cost, how longer it gonna take and we started working hand in hand.” She said.

How safe is the house?

While addressing the safety concerns, Mbasi who work as a nurse US said, “When we started building, I did my research where everybody was involved….The fact that I stay up and my tenants down is enough assurance that I have confidence in it.”

The top building has 4 bedrooms, modern kitchen, well furnished living room, laundry room and pantry. The building was raised by Stephen Wangeci, a constructor with 25 years of experience.

On the cost of raising such a building, Mbasi disclosed that it has cost her millions of money. She also believes that it takes one faith and hardwork to do such a move.

You must have faith, believe in God and work hard.”

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