Paulo Wa Updates reveals he would fight Bahati to have Diana Marua

Popular Telenovela blogger Paulo Wa Updates caused stir on Kenyan Facebook users after he revealed that he would not mind to fight Bahati in order to win his wife Diana Marua.

Paulo, who is popular for giving updates on Kenyan Telenovela, made the shocking revelation during a question and answer session on Pulse Live. In the interactive session, Pulse asked it fans to choose one celebrity they would fight and take all their money.

Ukiambiwa ufight celebrity mmoja na ukiwin unachukua pesa zake zote, ni celebrity mgani utachagua?” Pulse wrote.

As usual, thousands of fans reacted to the post as some gave hilarious responses.

One comment that caught the attention of many belonged to Paulo Wa Updates. The blogger responded by disclosing that given a chance he would fight Bahati and take over his beautiful wife Diana Marua.

Shockingly, he noted that he would not wind to take any of his property or money as Diana alone is enough for him.

Kabahanye(Bahati). Huwa natamani ikio kimama kiake buana. Pesa na vitu zingine anaweza Baki nazo,” he responded.

Diana Marua confronts Bahati

Recently, Bahati and Marua elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans online after Marua was captured on a video confronting Bahati over party hours.

In the video, the visibly tipsy Marua expressed his anger towards Bahati for taking him home before party was over. She was heard warning Bahati that she would party the following day until she gets satisfied.

“Unatoa club mapema aje.. Hata sijaenjoy unaniambia twende home. Na vile nilikuwa naenjoy kudance juu ya kiti. Kesho hautanitoa, Okay?” She said.

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