Biography of Jacob Ghost Mulee; Education, career, family and leisure.

Public News Kenya looks at the biography of Jacob Ghost Mulee; Education, age, family, work and leisure.

Ghost Mulee’s favourite meal: Ugali with fish
In a light-hearted tone, Ghost disclosed that his preferred meal is ugali served with fish. He even humorously mentioned enjoying ugali kwa matumbo, adding a touch of joviality to the conversation.

Ghost revealed his fondness for spending leisure time at the zoo, finding solace among animals. He expressed admiration for how animals relate to each other, highlighting their simplicity and lack of jealousy compared to humans.

The peaceful environment of the wildlife sanctuary serves as Ghost’s preferred spot for relaxation.

“I like going to the national park during my leaisure time. Unajua hao wanyama wakati mwingi wanatulia, hawana stori mingi, hawana wivu. Wewe unawaona, Simba akiua mnyama mmoja, ni mmoja. Hataki kuua ndovu, mara aue Kifaru. Sisi binadamu hutaka kuposess kila kitu. Kwa hiyo, wildife huwa ndiyo maskani yangu ya kurelax,” he said.

Known for his early morning radio show, Ghost admitted to being a morning person by nature. Even on days off, he finds himself waking up early out of habit.

Ghost Mulee’s first job: Casual laborer
Reflecting on his humble beginnings, Ghost reminisced about his first job as a casual laborer at Kenya Airways.

Earning a meager sum of around Sh70 a day, Ghost navigated through the challenges of starting his career with determination and resilience.

“My first job ilikuwa kibarua huko Kenya Airways, tulikuwa tunalipwa karibu 70 bob per day. Tulikuwa tunalipwa either fortnight ama weekly. Kwa hiyo najua 70 by 7, ilikuwa karibu 490 in a week,” Ghost said.

Ghost Mulee’s academic success in secondary school
Ghost proudly shared his academic achievements from secondary school, recalling that his marks were excellent, enabling him to qualify for higher education.

Despite not recalling the specific grades, Ghost’s academic prowess paved the way for him to progress through form 5 and form 6.

In a hypothetical scenario, Ghost mused about alternative career paths if he were not a radio presenter.

He mentioned aspirations of joining either the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) or the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), expressing a deep-seated interest in wildlife and conservation.

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