Oparanya’s alleged girlfriend Mary Biketi opens up on leaking viral photos

Mary Biketi featured heavily in photos involving Wycliffe Oparanya

Mary Biket, the Woman who featured heavily in viral photos involving former Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya, that spark wild reactions on social media, has finally broken silence.

While speaking during a short interview with Tuko, Biketi shared the emotional toll the whole issue had on her. She disclosed that she has been a victim of constant attacks from Kenyans, with some calling her claiming she exposed the former governor.

It feels totally bad but there is nothing much I can do. At the same time, I have been receiving positive comments and I just thank God and the people out there for the encouragement,” she said.

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Mary Biketi who said loves privacy, maintained that she could not leak the photos adding that she would not want to expose the former Governor in that way.

But now that they are out there, there is nothing much I can say,” she reiterated.

She added that they were deliberating taking legal action against the person responsible for the leakage, saying the action has affected their families.

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She said she is not afraid of the backlash towards her following the photo leakage and the assumptions that she is in a romantic relationship with Oparanya.

“I am not afraid. He is a polygamous man and I respect the other wives,” she said.

In an apparent clarification of the kind of relationship she is in with the former governor, she said:

“I don’t need to explain much. I already know myself and the kind of relationship I’m in. Those who want to talk will talk“.

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In a video posted on her Facebook page on Monday, condemning the leakage, Oparanya said he has a family that needs his protection.

“I have a big family to protect so those sending out fake news should stop. Here I am, I can speak, I have no problem. I have been in Mombasa for a few days meeting my people from my own community,” he said.

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