Nairobi Matatu tout returns lost phone

A tout based in Nairobi has warmed the hearts of many Kenyans after returning lost phone to the owner. Lady identified as Lydiah Wangui shared the appreciation post on on a popular Facebook group – Wanderlust Diaries.

According to Lydiah, the incident happened when his brother in law lost his phone. The honest tout called her, seeking to know the owner of the phone,

“So today ,the son of my mother-in- law lost his phone. Around mid-day I get a call from his phone . The man on the other end asks me if I know the owner of the phone,I say yes.He asks how we can meet because he has it.” Lydiah narrated.

According to Lydiah, the tout who works with Lopha MP Sacco instructed her to meet along Thika Highway. At first, she thought that he was probably a kidnapper or a scammer.

Lydiah made up her mind to meet the tout after he called her the second time to assure that the phone was safe.

“He calls me and tells me not to worry he has the phone and its safe with him.At around 6 something he calls again and we agree on where to meet. On my way there, just like a normal mwananchi,

“I utter a short prayer to my creator to protect me, you know…Of course I am a little paranoid,its not everyday in Kenya you lose your phone and someone tells you to get it. I arm myself ready for battle with whoever it is I am meeting .”

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Tout, a lovely smiley guy.

Contrary to her thoughts, the tout turned to be a very nice guy.

“We finally meet and its this lovely and smiling guy who had carried us quite a number of times before .

“We sit have a nice chat. He was so calm,friendly,I couldn’t just believe it. He explained how he got my contacts from his emergency contact and even ensured that I had also set up emergency contact on my phone just in case.”

“I thank God he was a legit ,honest and quite a sincere person. I didnt know such good people still exist specifically ‘conda wa kanairo’ . he was such a blessing to me.He told me his name is Bash. God bless you Bash.”

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